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Posted by UniquelyHis on January 20, 2016 at 1:45 PM

 As I sit here about to work on one of my manuscripts, I thougt about my series. All of them so far as a common theme:waiting. Oddly enough it is story of my life. In The Past Hunter:When the Past Comes Calling,  Julie had to let go of the man she loves and grow her relationship with the Lord elsewhere.  She could have done it where she lives, but the Lord needed to separate her from him. Years ago, I had a similar experience in my own life, but I didn;t gain  my friend back. I temporary relocated to Washington State as a way for the Lord to prune me and separate me from someone who had bad influence on me. During my time in WA.,  the Lord drew me close to him. I have matured in the Lord and letting go of all that was not of the Lord. When I had to move back home, I had no desire to renew my friendship with that girl. Instead,the Lord gave em another friend if not for a short time.
Julie moved to California because she thught he had committed murder. Instead of the calling the police, she ran for her life and made a life for herself there. Her life was good! That is, until  her boyfriend came looking for her.  He stirred up a desire in her old heart and yet she had to...wait.
In my upcoming book, there is another  type of waiting--Waiting for God to fullfill his promise at the right time. I don't want to give much away but I will say that God will use our circuamstances for HIs glory.
I guess to sum it up, I write from my own experiences. Although I am still waiting for God to fulfill his promises, I have faith he will. Just as Julie has faith that GOd will fulfill her--that is unshakable faith. In the Bible, Abrahan had unshakable faith as he waited for that God to give him a son and in hs old age.

Share a time when you had to wait for a promise from God.

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