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So Maybe I'm Wrong

Posted by UniquelyHis on August 22, 2015 at 5:50 PM

Confession time. The reason I used Julie;s desire to have a baby and Eric's fear of becominga  father was because I thought when writing a series, my readers would like to catch up on my heroes. There. Are you happy? I hope so. because, to be honest, I didn't know what to write. I realized later in life, that  a series is based on its title. For example, you can have a Love and Justice series and write about tise two  in a ll your books. A series is NOT a sequel (and I think I had confused that with a series)

So what should I do? I temporary left an author group because I got tired of  a couple of authors telling me it's not realistic or they shouldn't have married, etc. Theyt hink I should trash it and start over, but I can't! Why? Because I have a cover made with the title on it. You may be thinking, "Well you could still have her blue because of her rape." Well, I didn't set out to write about raoe inthe first place. I'm really a romance author. My book just came out as women's fiction because it mostly dealt around Julie wanting a  baby.

I really don't feel right about changing my plotlines, etc. (And do these authors really read womens fiction?) Sure they were trying to help, but it only put me deeper in sea of self doubt. They made me think my book will not be good enough because of  the plot line, etc. And may I mention that one author thinks if people read about Julie being on the birth control pill, it will  give the readers an idea?

As of right now, Baby Blue sits on the virtual shelf. I haven'r been able to participate in that author group  since   those authors made those comments. But what hurts most is when another author felt compelled to post about "Asking for Feedback" after I deleted my post. 

My main writing project right now is A Second Chance at Love.  So if you would like to see an excerpt from chapter 1, comemnt below.

Also, let me know if you are interested in seeing book two published. Baby Blues isn't just about the marital probles between and Julie and Eric. There is supsense in my book and something worst than not having a baby of her own happens to her.

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