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Taking a Hiatus

Posted by UniquelyHis on August 20, 2015 at 11:50 AM

I hit the wall. I've done my best but I guess it wasn;t good enough. What am I talking about? Baby Blues. The second book in the Second Chance Series. Even  as I read over the first chapter, I knew it needed work...again. Since then I have been plagued with doubts about my writing/books: A Second Chance at Love  needs work and I am about to start on that one today, The past Hunter's rating is low and hasn't received anymore reviews and Purify My Heart (formally Jesus Paid It All) may no longer be under contract due to the fallacy of the publisher keeping  the contracts ina box. Kittens don;t know better. All they know is if it looks like a box, it must be a place to do their thing. She drew up another contract and to everyone's delight (Not mine) they get an extra year with her. I guess people are buying their  books. As for mine, no. It needs a bettter cover because people are saying it looks erotic.

I so wantd Baby Blues to be published already. But things happen. I had to g through several self edits then  I gave it to my critique partner, who by the way travels often then I gave it to a beta reader. But that's where it slowed me down. I lost  my latest edited version. I've decided to print out the forst three chapters and read it aloud. Guess what? The realization came that Baby Blue needs work! Ugh!  Yesterday, I began to drown in the sea of self doubt and heavy criticism. I just wanted to know if  my opening paragraph would hook readers and I got more than I bargained for. (More about that in next blog)

So today and until Monday, I'm taking a  hiatus. I need a break from Baby Blues. I have other manuscripts that needs my attention so I will tackle those. Hopefully Monday, I'll be ready to edit Baby Blues one last time before hiring an editor. I'm sorry about delays. :|

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