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Book Signing Event

Posted by UniquelyHis on November 9, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Today was my second book signing I am happy to say it went well.  I left home with a positive attitude, knowing that God "got this!". My last book signing  was not as good as I like it to be and I was hopeful even then. What made it better this time was the support of my best friend, Mark Aurand and of course my pastor who found out he had an author in his church. He had told me he would be therea nd he was.

As I was setting everything up, I heard a familiar voice--the same voice I hear evedry Sunday, I turned around and there was not only my pastor but  the office manager who is also part of the pastoral staff--they ecah brought a book from me which of course I signed. He offered some encouragement and told me he was proud of me  and it just made my day! He even gave me twenty dollars more for the last four books saying for anyone who can't afford to buy one, it's on him. (The link is for anyone who would liek to visit my church website)

 After they left, I was pretty much in agood mood. I kne with the prayers and support of my best friend, that it would all go well. I try to greet everyone that came by. Most were men (who looked to macho to wnat to read a romance) and some had kids who were there only for their kids. But there were a few who did stop by.  They either picked up a postcard ,or a flyer, but a few more people picked up a book, with or without a flyer, book mark or whatever. Another surprise was when I saw my church's former pastor's wife. She became interested and bought a  book after she asked her husband to pay for it. And there was this woman who I have seen on the bus who bought a  book and  left to bring her husband.  It was a very positive experience for me. At the end of the two hours I had oen book left but itr was all good.

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