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Posted by UniquelyHis on January 20, 2016 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

 As I sit here about to work on one of my manuscripts, I thougt about my series. All of them so far as a common theme:waiting. Oddly enough it is story of my life. In The Past Hunter:When the Past Comes Calling,  Julie had to let go of the man she loves and grow her relationship with the Lord elsewhere.  She could have done it where she lives, but the Lord needed to separate her from him. Years ago, I had a similar experience in my own life, but I didn;t gain  my friend back. I temporary relocated to Washington State as a way for the Lord to prune me and separate me from someone who had bad influence on me. During my time in WA.,  the Lord drew me close to him. I have matured in the Lord and letting go of all that was not of the Lord. When I had to move back home, I had no desire to renew my friendship with that girl. Instead,the Lord gave em another friend if not for a short time.
Julie moved to California because she thught he had committed murder. Instead of the calling the police, she ran for her life and made a life for herself there. Her life was good! That is, until  her boyfriend came looking for her.  He stirred up a desire in her old heart and yet she had to...wait.
In my upcoming book, there is another  type of waiting--Waiting for God to fullfill his promise at the right time. I don't want to give much away but I will say that God will use our circuamstances for HIs glory.
I guess to sum it up, I write from my own experiences. Although I am still waiting for God to fulfill his promises, I have faith he will. Just as Julie has faith that GOd will fulfill her--that is unshakable faith. In the Bible, Abrahan had unshakable faith as he waited for that God to give him a son and in hs old age.

Share a time when you had to wait for a promise from God.

Soaking Worship.

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In the Past Hunter, Julie's friend introduced her to Soaking Worship. Now I understand rhat many of you have no clue what is, so I'm here to tell you. 

The purpose of Soaking Music is "setting aside of oneself to focus and meditate on God for renewal of strength and peace"[1][dead link]


It is a relatively new genre on the Christian music scene. It finds its origins in the likes of the Toronto revival.[2] Popularized by the recent upsurgence of local prayer houses, it has developed to incorporate some typical characteristics such as spontaneous singing, free praise, and instrumental sections. Often spontaneous in nature, the style somewhat resembles the feel of Easy Listening. It explores Christian themes, often focusing on the attributes of Jesus Christ and His achievements. Defining features include an unstructured approach with plenty of space and a relaxing mood. Simple and melodic lines are used with a strong presence of repetition. Sudden changes or upbeat, driving rhythms are often avoided.[citation needed]


Soaking music is not prevalent in a vast majority of Christian churches, whose services consist more of contemporary Christian music and praise and worship."  from wikipedia

Here is another link:

Soaking Worship is a big part of Julie's life. If you are catholic there are many things you do that not many others do. It becomes part of your life. Although I have never experienced this, I'm starting to. It may not be  abif part of my life because I wasn't raised in it nor have I had friends who introduced it to me, but I want it for my  character and I will ot apologize.

Here is a couple of videos of Soaking Worship

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So Maybe I'm Wrong

Posted by UniquelyHis on August 22, 2015 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Confession time. The reason I used Julie;s desire to have a baby and Eric's fear of becominga  father was because I thought when writing a series, my readers would like to catch up on my heroes. There. Are you happy? I hope so. because, to be honest, I didn't know what to write. I realized later in life, that  a series is based on its title. For example, you can have a Love and Justice series and write about tise two  in a ll your books. A series is NOT a sequel (and I think I had confused that with a series)

So what should I do? I temporary left an author group because I got tired of  a couple of authors telling me it's not realistic or they shouldn't have married, etc. Theyt hink I should trash it and start over, but I can't! Why? Because I have a cover made with the title on it. You may be thinking, "Well you could still have her blue because of her rape." Well, I didn't set out to write about raoe inthe first place. I'm really a romance author. My book just came out as women's fiction because it mostly dealt around Julie wanting a  baby.

I really don't feel right about changing my plotlines, etc. (And do these authors really read womens fiction?) Sure they were trying to help, but it only put me deeper in sea of self doubt. They made me think my book will not be good enough because of  the plot line, etc. And may I mention that one author thinks if people read about Julie being on the birth control pill, it will  give the readers an idea?

As of right now, Baby Blue sits on the virtual shelf. I haven'r been able to participate in that author group  since   those authors made those comments. But what hurts most is when another author felt compelled to post about "Asking for Feedback" after I deleted my post. 

My main writing project right now is A Second Chance at Love.  So if you would like to see an excerpt from chapter 1, comemnt below.

Also, let me know if you are interested in seeing book two published. Baby Blues isn't just about the marital probles between and Julie and Eric. There is supsense in my book and something worst than not having a baby of her own happens to her.

Taking a Hiatus

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I hit the wall. I've done my best but I guess it wasn;t good enough. What am I talking about? Baby Blues. The second book in the Second Chance Series. Even  as I read over the first chapter, I knew it needed work...again. Since then I have been plagued with doubts about my writing/books: A Second Chance at Love  needs work and I am about to start on that one today, The past Hunter's rating is low and hasn't received anymore reviews and Purify My Heart (formally Jesus Paid It All) may no longer be under contract due to the fallacy of the publisher keeping  the contracts ina box. Kittens don;t know better. All they know is if it looks like a box, it must be a place to do their thing. She drew up another contract and to everyone's delight (Not mine) they get an extra year with her. I guess people are buying their  books. As for mine, no. It needs a bettter cover because people are saying it looks erotic.

I so wantd Baby Blues to be published already. But things happen. I had to g through several self edits then  I gave it to my critique partner, who by the way travels often then I gave it to a beta reader. But that's where it slowed me down. I lost  my latest edited version. I've decided to print out the forst three chapters and read it aloud. Guess what? The realization came that Baby Blue needs work! Ugh!  Yesterday, I began to drown in the sea of self doubt and heavy criticism. I just wanted to know if  my opening paragraph would hook readers and I got more than I bargained for. (More about that in next blog)

So today and until Monday, I'm taking a  hiatus. I need a break from Baby Blues. I have other manuscripts that needs my attention so I will tackle those. Hopefully Monday, I'll be ready to edit Baby Blues one last time before hiring an editor. I'm sorry about delays. :|

Book Signing Event

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Today was my second book signing I am happy to say it went well.  I left home with a positive attitude, knowing that God "got this!". My last book signing  was not as good as I like it to be and I was hopeful even then. What made it better this time was the support of my best friend, Mark Aurand and of course my pastor who found out he had an author in his church. He had told me he would be therea nd he was.

As I was setting everything up, I heard a familiar voice--the same voice I hear evedry Sunday, I turned around and there was not only my pastor but  the office manager who is also part of the pastoral staff--they ecah brought a book from me which of course I signed. He offered some encouragement and told me he was proud of me  and it just made my day! He even gave me twenty dollars more for the last four books saying for anyone who can't afford to buy one, it's on him. (The link is for anyone who would liek to visit my church website)

 After they left, I was pretty much in agood mood. I kne with the prayers and support of my best friend, that it would all go well. I try to greet everyone that came by. Most were men (who looked to macho to wnat to read a romance) and some had kids who were there only for their kids. But there were a few who did stop by.  They either picked up a postcard ,or a flyer, but a few more people picked up a book, with or without a flyer, book mark or whatever. Another surprise was when I saw my church's former pastor's wife. She became interested and bought a  book after she asked her husband to pay for it. And there was this woman who I have seen on the bus who bought a  book and  left to bring her husband.  It was a very positive experience for me. At the end of the two hours I had oen book left but itr was all good.

An excerpt from The Past Hunter

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One morning when Julie awakened, she didn’t feel quite right. This wasn’t the first time she had felt this way. In fact, this was the sixth time in recent memory this had happened. The feeling she had told her that something bad was about to happen. Most times when she felt this way, she was able to shake it.

“Lord, what is going on?” She asked out loud.

As she lay in bed, Julie debated whether she should call in sick or that she would be late. Something within her told her that she had better call in sick. She asked God for favor as she made the call.

Julie was not sure if her employer would understand if she told her the absolute truth. She didn’t understand what the feeling was or why she was getting it. Does it have something to do with her only or did it have something to do with work?

Julie prayed that it only had something to do with her. The bookstore could do without her for a day; there were two others who also worked there. Surely, they could make do without her for one day.

“Misses Silverton, would it be alright if I take the day off?” Julie asked tentatively. “I am not feeling well.”

“That’s fine,” Her employer said understandably. “I hope that you feel better soon,”

“Thank you so much,” Julie said overcome with relief.

As she hung up the phone, Julie attempted to get out of bed and rid herself of the bad feeling coursing through her body. Perhaps doing some housework would keep her mind occupied.

What harm can come to me? I am under God’s protection.

While she struggled to clean the kitchen floor, a feeling of unease overcame her. The feeling became stronger with each move she made. She felt unbalanced and very anxious. She decided to rest in the nearby chair.

While she rested in the chair, she saw a vision of a strange man walking up to the back of her house. Immediately, she received a warning within her spirit to leave her house and fast. She grabbed her purse and ran to the car parked in her driveway. On her way, she searched frantically for her keys, but they were nowhere to be found.

Should I risk going back into the house to retrieve them? Thinking better of it, she began to run.

Mrs. Bittleman, Her neighbor was watering her garden when she noticed Julie running. She thought this was as very strange.

Julie does not usually dress in that manner for work. Is something wrong?

“Julie,” Mrs. Bittleman yelled at her, “is everything okay? Are you late for work?”

“I think that I may be in danger. Please call the police,” Julie yelled back as she continued to run far away from her house as quickly as she could.

Mrs. Bittleman wanted to call the police, but she had very little information. She glanced around Julie’s home, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

How can I call the police? I have no information; however Julie seemed pretty spooked about something.

Having faith in Julie, she went into the house to call the police.

“You have reached the Hamilton Police Department. I am Sergeant Harris. How may I help you?”

“My name is Mrs. Bittleman and I live on West Baywood Street,” she said nervously. “I believe that my neighbor Julie Henshaw is in imminent danger. I saw her running down the street as though someone or something were chasing her. She appeared to be frantic and frankly I am not sure what to make of it,” she continued.

“Slow down, ma’am! Who was she running from?” Sergeant Harris asked.

“She didn’t say. Trust me; Julie is not the type to be running down the street. Something is definitely wrong. Can you please send a squad car to 319 West Baywood Street and check things out?”

“I will do that as soon as I can.”

After thanking he police officer, Mrs. Bittleman decided to pray for Julie’s safety.

Upon arriving of Julie’s home, two police officers noticed one vehicle parked in the driveway of residence. Doing a quick check, they figured out it belonged to Miss. Julie Henshaw. Still not knowing the whole story as to why they were there, they proceeded cautiously to the front door with their weapons drawn. The lead officer, a slightly balding and overweight man, checked to see if the door was unlocked. It wasn’t.

“Julie Henshaw, this is the Hamilton Police Department. Are you in there?” he called out with authority. He received no response.

They walked around the perimeter of the home looking for anything suspicious. Perhaps the intruder was in hiding somewhere, hoping that the police would leave soon without finding him. This was a good neighborhood were calls to the police department were rarely made. It was all the more reason for them to investigate. A moment later they saw a black car zoom down the alley at breakneck speed. They ran towards the car trying to get a glimpse of the driver and the tag number. They immediately called for backup giving a description of the car and the direction in which it was heading then they climbed into their car and try to follow after the speeder. Unfortunately, the driver and the black car had vanished.